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To reach a wider audience, firm founder Brandon Archibald lectures on and writes resources centered on the three central components of his holistic approach to lasting financial success: Tax Minimization, Social Security Optimization, and Wealth & Income Planning. Below are a few examples of those resources.

Book cover - A Blueprint for Retirement
By our founder Brandon Archibald

A Blueprint for Retirement


Just like building a home that you will love, will provide the level of comfort you wish for, and will weather the storms that come its way, a plan–or blueprint–is required. The very same principles apply to your income, retirement, and legacy planning.

Clear, concise, and relatable, Brandon reveals how to put these principles into action in order to create a secure retirement that you likewise will be proud of.

Retirement income: An owners manual

Money represents more than the paper it's printed on. It's the embodiment of your time, your talents, and your commitments. This version of- Retirement Income: An Owner's Manual - features an introduction by Brandon Archibald.

By our founder Brandon Archibald

A prescription for doctors to keep more of your money

For America's hard-working health professionals, without a doubt taxation is a heavy and painful burden. A Prescription for Doctors to Keep More of YOUR Money is filled with his hard-earned knowledge, custom tailored for the needs of our nation's healers.