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No Upcoming Events

We don’t have any public financial planning education events scheduled. When we do, we will post the details and a sign-up form below.

However, although we don’t have any public events planned, we do seek to educate each individual we work with.

Therefore, if you have a specific Financial/Retirement Planning Topic you’d like to learn more about, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask by clicking “contact” in the menu above. We’d be happy to answer your questions directly or send you a resource that does so.

About Us

With decades of combined experience, we at The Ivy League Advisory Group have assisted hundreds in improving both their financial position and confidence towards retirement. As an independent fiduciary retirement-planning firm, we specialize in designing enhanced retirement plans.


Who should attend?

The information discussed is best suited to those who are looking to protect and maximize their retirement assets through a well-crafted retirement plan–regardless of if they are 2 or 20 years from retirement or already retired.

Are there any obligations attached?

While you’re welcome to schedule a free phone, video conference, or in-person consultation to best put the information discussed into action, there is no commitment or obligation attached to your attending.

If I attend a webinar, will other attendees be able to see me?

No, your attendance is anonymous to all but the presenter.

More Educational Resources


Firm founder Brandon Archibald occasionally writes and lectures on the three central components of our holistic approach to lasting financial success:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax & Social Security Optimization
  • Estate Planning
Check out our books here


Our podcast offers simple, easy-to-digest answers to many popular retirement-planning questions–one concise episode at a time.

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