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We are an independent fiduciary firm specializing in creating enhanced plans that are all-inclusive of Retirement Planning, Tax & SS Optimization, and Estate Planning. Below, learn a bit about our team that's dedicated to providing the highest level of excellence and personalized attention to those we serve.

The Ivy League Advisory Group

Brandon Archibald

Founder & Principal

Brandon is the founder of The Ivy League Advisory Group, an investment advisory firm that helps clients plan for a successful retirement, minimize investment risk, optimize taxes & social security, and provide comprehensive estate planning services through a national partnership.

As Principal, Brandon has developed a unique process that integrates an individual's circumstances and goals into a proprietary system. This system uncovers opportunities often missed by others, highlighting ways to minimize investment risk and taxation, increase income in retirement, and enhance overall financial security.

To connect with a broader audience, Brandon occasionally writes and speaks on the three central components of his holistic approach to Enhanced Planning: Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, and Tax & Social Security Optimization.

Having made the move from the Northeast to the Southwest, he enjoys traveling around the West, including the High Desert and Sierra, and lives with his wife and daughter in the Phoenix Valley.

Peter Laufenberg

MBA, Investment Advisor & Retirement Planner

Peter is an investment advisor representative and retirement plan designer for the Ivy League Advisory Group.

When not helping clients achieve their financial goals, Peter serves in many roles within his local community. He serves as President and Chair of the Board of Directors for Mid-State Health Center and is finance chair of his Parish Finance council. Peter also serves as a Selectboard chair in the Town of Thornton. For his work in the community and previous work at Plymouth State University, he was recognized by The Union Leader as one of the 40 under 40 young professionals in New Hampshire in 2016. Most importantly though, he serves as husband to his wife and father to his two daughters.

In his free time, Peter also enjoys traveling–having even studied in Salzburg, Austria through Plymouth State University’s exchange program, skiing, and spending time with his family. Peter has been a part of the Ivy League Advisory family since its founding.

Peter Laufenberg - The Ivy League Advisory Group
Markus Cole - The Ivy League Advisory Group

Markus Cole

Operations Manager

Markus became part of our team in early 2019, serving as our Operations Manager. With a background in business development, account management, public speaking, and digital marketing, Markus plays a crucial role in overseeing our internal processes, ensuring the security of client information, maintaining high compliance standards, and ensuring the firm maintains a progressive trajectory as it continues to meet the needs of its clients in an ever-evolving financial system. Alongside Brandon and Peter, he strives to deliver exceptional, customized retirement planning solutions.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Markus has a passion for traveling, volunteering, and adventuring–having hiked in the fjords of Norway, the fiords of New Zealand, and the Himalayas of northern India. Including being able to speak four languages, Markus continually seeks out new learning and experiences.

Katrina Ann

Compliance & Operations Assistant

Katrina joined our team in late 2023. Having served four years in the military in communications while stationed in Germany and South Korea, she later moved into the dental field as a hygienist for several years, and has worked many years as a certified ESL (English as a second language) teacher.

As our Compliance & Operations Assistant, she plays an important role in ensuring our internal processes are compliant through record-keeping and periodic information review.

Some of her interests include traveling and enjoying the outdoors–from hiking high up or scuba diving down low. She has had the pleasure of visiting several countries abroad and speaks two languages.

Katrina Ann

The first step toward achieving your retirement goals is having a plan…