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We serve clients nationwide and believe an enhanced financial plan should take into account several different components–principally Retirement Planning, Tax & Social Security Optimization, and Estate planning.

Retirement Planning

This is the process of finding the most appropriate way of funding your future income needs while maximizing the assets you’ve worked hard to build up.

This begins by building your projected budget and analyzing the amount of risk your current savings and investments are exposed to. We then work to determine the proper amount of risk for your assets, determine holes in your plan that could negatively affect your or your loved ones’ future, and analyze how you’re currently utilizing tax-friendly retirement savings plans.

From here, we design a retirement plan unique to you that (1). recommends the necessary changes to both your budget and your assets, (2). projects a lifelong timeline of just where and when your money will come from in the future, and (3). reduces taxes and maximizes social security benefits.

Once designed, we meet with you to explain and review your plan and the recommend changes.

Once you understand the plan benefits and approve, we begin implementing the plan to ensure that the money you’ve worked hard to save is working hard for you.

TAX & SS Optimization

Taxes often are the largest expense in retirement, sometimes making up over 33% of retirement expenses.

Our immediate goal is to develop for you a plan to reduce taxation in your working years by taking advantage of tax-deferred retirement investment savings plans.

The secondary part is creating the best saving strategy now that will produce the most favorable tax scenario in retirement. From here, we work to implement the plan we’ve designed for you, which includes SS optimization.

All too often the decision of when to file for SS is done without due process.

Filing at the wrong time or in the wrong way can mean $30,000, $50,000, or even $190,000 in lost lifetime benefits. Maximizing SS should be at the core of any intelligent retirement plan.

Every dollar you save now puts you in a better position to increase your future SS benefits. Every dollar you increase your benefits by can potentially lower your taxation for the rest of your life.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of organizing how your assets will be managed and distributed after your death or if you become incapacitated. It involves creating essential legal documents like trusts, wills, and powers of attorney.

One of the key benefits of estate planning is the privacy it provides; trusts, for instance, can keep your financial affairs confidential and out of public record.

Another key benefit is that a well-structured estate plan can significantly shorten probate, which can keep your assets locked up during a potentially lengthy legal process. This allows your loved ones to access your assets more quickly and with less hassle.

Not only do trusts save in time, but they also can save money by potentially reducing taxes during the wealth transfer process.

Finally, estate planning ensures ease of administration by creating a single entity according to your wishes into which you can pour all your assets. This also makes it simpler for your family to follow your wishes and manage your estate without unnecessary complications or delays.

The first step toward achieving your retirement goals is having a plan…