Taxes in Retirement Webinar

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Thursday October 1st

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Featured Presenter

Peter Laufenberg

Retirement Plan Designer

With years of experience as a retirement plan designer for The Ivy League Advisory Group, Peter has helped many to achieve or even surpass their retirement goals through a holistic and fiduciary process made up of 3 key components:

  • Tax minimization
  • Wealth & income planning
  • Social security maximization

What will I learn about during this webinar?

  • How having a well-crafted retirement plan can be just as valuable as having a higher retirement account balance
  • The importance of timing when it comes to withdrawing from different retirement income sources
  • The recently-passed SECURE Act and CARES Act and their potential affect on your retirement income
  • Why retirees often have a higher percentage tax liability
  • And much, much more.

It is our hope that attendees see the value of investing a bit of time into making sound retirement planning decisions that have benefits both now and in the future, as well as benefits for their loved ones they eventually leave behind.

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About Us

With decades of combined experience, we at The Ivy League Advisory Group have assisted hundreds in improving both their financial position and confidence towards retirement. As an independent fiduciary retirement-planning firm, we specialize in creating written retirement plans.

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Firm founder Brandon Archibald frequently writes and lectures on the three central components of our holistic approach to lasting financial success:

  • Tax minimization
  • Social Security Optimization
  • Wealth & Income Planning
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