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My wife and I make it a point to sit down and review our cash flow at least once a month, sometimes more depending on the circumstances. This allows us to stay on the same page with our finances and our conversation allows for both of our perspectives while weighing out how we will handle things financially. 

I have come to notice and maybe you notice the same, that generally within a married couple there is one person who takes care of the bill paying and organization of their family’s financial life. In our marriage we have come to realize (through trial and error) who prefers certain areas of responsibilities and then we try to support the efforts of the other in their respective areas.

In our family, it just so happens that I do take care of a lot of our financial matters and although my wife, Jen, knows how everything works, I cannot expect her to keep track of the day-to-day financial planning that I’m ultimately responsible for on top of what’s already on her plate.

A scenario that has weighed heavily on me and one I wanted to avoid is one where my wife would unexpectedly and instantly find herself alone trying to unpack and figure out everything that I’ve been caring for. That along with the grief of losing a partner could make for a perfect storm of frustration, heartbreak, and disaster.

This was the genesis of the idea behind the My Peace of Mind Book. One of the main purposes of this book is to have a resource for my wife to refer to which would tell her exactly where everything is. I also wanted this resource to go one step further–I wanted it to be a checklist of items needing to be addressed if I’m no longer here. 

The book is made up of three parts:

  1. Locations of and notes on important financial items.
  2. Open note pages for personal journal entries and any additional instructions you’d like your loved ones to have.
  3. Finally, the checklist of items to care for in the event one of us passed away.

Please note, that this is not a substitute for a properly executed estate plan designed by an estate planning attorney, nor should it be viewed as such. This is simply an informational guide for your loved ones, designed to provide you with some additional peace of mind. It’s already helped me to feel better and it is my goal that you will complete your own copy in 2021.

Would you like your own My Peace of Mind Book to complete for your loved ones? Contact us at info@theivyag.com or 866-360-2724 and request your personal copy.

.Would you like to take ensuring your loved ones are financially cared for and guided in the event of your passing one step further? Get your complimentary estate plan review–schedule a consultation here.