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Creating a Blueprint for Retirement Success

Imagine you’re building a house. What’s your top priority? Kitchen layout? Size of the bedrooms? Garage door clearance? A big south-facing yard? While these are all worthy considerations, they’re specific to individual and unique tastes. There is, however, one universal priority—a consideration that should be at the top of everyone’s list: a solid foundation.

But we’re not building a house. We’re planning for retirement. So, what is the essential foundation for retirement planning? What is the top priority that everyone should be paying attention to? The essential base that provides a structure and keeps the whole plan upright? The part of retirement planning that maybe goes unseen?

At The Ivy League Advisory Group, the foundation we build all retirement plans upon is tax strategy. We pride ourselves on being a tax-forward planning firm. We strive to educate the people we work with so they can build a tax-savvy retirement income plan. This theme is the concept my new book is built upon. My goal is that this book will provide you with some of the most overlooked things to think about when trying to plan for a secure future. Here are some of the chapters included:

  • Surveying Today’s Financial Landscape
  • Taking Stock & Managing Your Inventory
  • The Social Security Cornerstone
  • Settling on a Solid Foundation
  • Stepping Over the Threshold: From Accumulation to Distribution
  • Leaving a Key Under the Mat

Would you like to find out how solid the foundation of your retirement plan is?

Schedule your complimentary virtual or over-the-phone consultation today. If this leads to a complimentary in-person consultation, you’ll receive a free copy of my new book at your appointment! Offer ends December 18th and time slots are limited. Schedule your consultation here.

If you have any questions, contact me, Brandon Archibald, at info@theivyag.com or at 866-360-2724.